Full Moon Theory

Has a friend ever looked up at the moon and said, “oh look, it’s a full moon tonight!” And you decided to check your phone and see if it was 

ACTUALLY a full moon?

You saw that the full moon was actually last night. You told your friend, “Actually it’s not a full moon tonight. That was last night.” 

You have just committed a crime against beauty. A full moon, for some people, signifies a special event or a time of magic. It fills the night with a little extra something that makes you feel good. When you decided to take the side of “truth” instead of “magic” you rolled the dice to only making your personal experience worse. By looking up the “truth” on your phone you can only take away from your experience. Plus, maybe the website you checked was incorrect for some strange reason. Perhaps your “truth” wasn’t actually “true”.

Obviously there are certain things in life that are important to know. When the consequences of knowing the truth can cause serious harm, make you insane or hurt someone, it’s important to do actual research and search for knowledge. Oftentimes we take these good practices and let them bleed into things that don’t matter and pull the fun out of life. 

Don’t be a full moon cop. 

If it looks full, it’s full!